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Hotel Accessibility

Haworth Hotel is committed to ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities.


Guests who may need assistance to fully enjoy their time at the hotel or on our website are encouraged to contact the front desk by calling  616.395.7200 or emailing




The Haworth Hotel is committed to meeting all our guest’s accessibility needs. We offer four accessible lodging rooms and consider accessible needs when creating meeting and conference room setups. Our front desk and Biggby Coffee include counters at accessible heights and the tables in our Café are designed for easy wheelchair access.


For us, that is just a start as to how we can meet your or your guest’s needs. If you are planning an event, we’ll work to meet any accommodations your guests may require. With thoughtful planning during the beginning stages, we can create accessible and inclusive experiences from the outset rather than attempt to retrofit a meeting or event at the last minute.


The Haworth Hotel is owned by and located on the campus of Hope College, which means we have access to experts in meeting accommodations and making sure we both meet and exceed legal requirements. If we don’t have a quick solution, we’ll contact those with more experience. At Hope College, we try to address all needs with three simple statements:


  • I can get there.
  • I can fully participate.
  • I can access all the information.




Hearing Loop accessibility iconWe are pleased to offer a hearing loop system in the ballroom. Participants with hearing aids can simply switch their device to T-Coil and they’ll be able to hear any person using a microphone very clearly.


If you expect to have audience participation, please remember to have a microphone for those asking questions, even for people with a loud voice, since the microphone allows those with hearing loss to fully participate in the event.